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Gwehelog Methodist Chapel
Third Gwehelog Sacred Harp Singing Day - Minutes & Pictures
Gwehelog Methodist Chapel
Nr. Usk
Saturday, 14 July 2001

The third annual Gwehelog Sacred Harp Singing Day was held on the Saturday before the third Sunday in July.  The morning prayer was led by Edwin Macadam. The class was called to order at 11.00 a.m. with Ken Baddley leading song on page 34b. Leaders: Rachel Jordan 155; Edwin Macadam 473; Sheila Girling Smith (for Gina Balestracci and Roland Hutchinson) 535; Bernard Collard 63; Judy Whiting 171; Paul and Eleanor Sanderson 209; Ros Clements 228; Helen Brown (for Rosalind Oldham and Ruth and Dave Cooper) 411; Dave Townsend 383; Margaret Gillanders 84; Ian West 135; Mandy Townsend 106; Mick and Emily Verrier 107; Steve Fletcher 272; Paul Setford (for Mavis Clay) 178; Jill Thompson 99; Bob Parr (Mass., USA) 297; Grace Scrimgeour 33b; Dave Richardson 401; Jenny Ellis 49b; Phil Tyler 114; Ken Baddley 515; Rachel Jordan 189; Edwin Macadam 558; Sheila Girling Smith 504; Bernard Collard 362; Judy Whiting 222; Paul Sanderson 198; Ros Clements 560; Helen Brown 448t; Dave Townsend 217; Margaret Gillanders 49t; Ian West 270; Mandy Townsend 318.  The class sang the Gwehelog Grace and Helen Brown asked God's blessing on the midday meal.


The class was called to order by Steve Fletcher leading song on page 448b. Leader: Bob Parr 288.  The Memorial Lesson was led by Ken Baddley, who read a short description of the funeral of a woman from the diary of Dorothy Wordsworth. This account had been read at the funeral of a young Hampshire singer, Ben Bailey early this year. We remembered Ben, Mrs. Knight, Gladys Vickery, Sir Harry Secombe, Frances Butcher, Jeremy Haslam, Isabel Joan Hunter, Slim Garrison, Robert Hupka and Tom Lock.  Ken Baddley led the song on page 163b.  For the Sick and Housebound, Bernard Collard told the story of the violinist, Itzhak Perlman and his triumph in completing concerto on an instrument with only 3 strings, the fourth having broken during the first few bars.  We are reminded that amazing things are still possible in the face of adversity if we are prepared to face the challenge. Those remembered were:  Heidi Marriott, Gordon Ashman, Marilyn Hood, Rosalind Oldham, Jeff  Sheppard, Eileen Dale, Catherine Cox, David Preston (aged 7), Phoebe Latham (aged 5), Win Tyler and Angie Richardson.  Sheila Girling Smith led the song on page 86.

The class resumed with Dave Richardson leading song on page 303, especially for Jeff Sheppard. Leaders: Grace Scrimgeour 31t; Jill Thompson 497.  Dave Townsend taught the class his new composition 'Christmas Steps'.  Leaders: Paul Setford 87; Roz Argyle 532; Phil Tyler 74b; Jenny Ellis 48t; Mick and Emily Verrier 146; Ken Baddley 350; Rachel Jordan 269; Edwin Macadam 236; Sheila Girling Smith 553; Bernard Collard 474; Judy Whiting 441; Paul and Eleanor Sanderson 183; Ros Clements 510; Helen Brown 442; Margaret Gillanders (with Irene Bown) 148; Ian West 313b; Mandy Townsend 203; Bob Parr 112; Steve Fletcher 128; Dave Richardson 335; Mick and Emily Verrier 163t; Jill Thompson 454; Paul Setford 28b; Roz Argyle 452; Phil Tyler 29b; Dave Townsend 147t; Bob Parr 300.  Announcements were made and thanks passed to all those who had contributed to the success of the day and to the members and friends of the Gwehelog chapel for again allowing the use of the church. 

Those who were able were invited to attend the third Sankey and Moody Singing to be held in the Chapel at 11.00 a.m. the following day.  Paul Sanderson led the closing prayer and Ken Baddley led song on page 62.

Chairman -- Ken Baddley;

Pitchers -- Rachel Jordan and Helen Brown;

Catering Co-ordination -- Jenny Ellis;

Arranging Committee -- Edwin Macadam and Sheila Girling Smith;

Secretary -- Sheila Girling Smith.

Friday evening campfire

Steve Fletcher

Saturday singing

Steve Wright and Bill Meakin Any excuse or a gossip . . . Irene Bown, Susie and Paul Setford, and Helen Brown New friends Jill Thompson and Lin Cawthorne

 Paul Sanderson with Ken Baddley Sheila Girling Smith, Irene Brown and Judy Whiting The Treble section with SH 448b, "The Grieved Soul" Altos

 chapel interior Grace Scrimgeour Tenors and Basses Bernard Collard Ken Baddley Antonina Spittal and Elizabeth Akhurst,  Rob and Sheila Mahoney, Paul and Diane Sanderson


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