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Gwehelog Chapel
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South Wales Singing Weekend
Gwehelog Chapel
Saturday, 17 July 2010

After two years absence, the Sacred Harp and Moody & Sankey singing weekend returned to Gwehelog Chapel.  Judy Whiting called the class to order with 31b and welcomed everyone back.  Ruth Steggles said an opening prayer.

Leaders: Judy Whiting 171; Chris Brown 338, 31t; Ruth Steggles 47t, 350; Michael Walker 129, 401; Hannah Land 33b, 29t; Dave Richardson 303, 105; Judy Whiting 503, 273; Ted Brown 225t, 49b; Margaret Gillanders 36b, 523; Chris Brown 466, 467; Ruth Steggles 441, 430.


Michael Walker called the class back with 157 and 187.  Leaders: Hannah Land 186, 145t; Margaret Gillanders 39t; Dave Richardson 37b, 274b; Helen Brown 379, 349; Chris Brown 128, 127; Ted Brown 81t, 35; Judy Whiting 546, 456; Ruth Steggles 99, 30t; Michael Walker 29b, 131t; Hannah Land 318, 56b; Dave Richardson 473. John Kappes gave thanks for the lunchtime meal.


Dave Richardson called the class back with 274t.  Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 77t, 76b; Helen Brown 240; Chris Brown 40, 28b; Ruth Steggles 213t, 455; Ted Brown 426b, 445.  Michael Walker spoke about the deceased: Jerry Enright of Chicago IL, Henry Japheth Jackson of Ozark AL, Denis Beckingham of Nottingham, Jim Clay of Ironbridge, Barbara Scott of Gateshead, Florence Green of Oldham, Audrey Nathan of Kent and Audrey Whittaker of Bath and about the Sick and Housebound: David Daykin, June of Redditch, Tom Hodgkinson, Jimmie Gilmore, Lonnie Rogers, George Seiler, Debbie Essig, Maureen Gamlin and Nora Jeffrey.  In their honour he led 229 and said a prayer.  Leaders: Judy Whiting 540, 549; Dave Richardson & John Hopkinson 84; Hannah Land 542, 73b; Helen Brown 517, 518.


Michael Walker called the class to order with 138t and 434.  Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 475; Chris Brown 267; Ruth Steggles 457; Ted Brown 97; Judy Whiting 178; Hannah Land 142; Helen Brown 227; Dave Richardson 496.

There was a short business meeting in which it was agreed to meet again at Gwehelog on the Saturday before the third Sunday in 2011.

Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led 323t and John Hopkinson said a closing prayer.

Chairman—Judy Whiting; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders


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