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Lewes, St Michael's
South Malling,
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Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church
Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church, Lewes, Sussex, United Kingdom
Saturday, July 5, 2014

The annual Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day was called to order by Rachel Jordan leading 34b, followed by the opening prayer offered by Mike Cooper.  Leaders: Nick Hall 47t; Sheila Girling Macadam 535; Steve Welch 489; Ophir Ilzetzki 566; Edwin Macadam 171; Steve Brett 276; Ella Cumber 68b; Barry Parsons 229; Steve Fletcher 36b; Steve Biggs 30t; Sue Lanfear 163b; Paul Setford 327; Rachel Hall 65; Jenneith Codrington 28t; Michael Walker 82t; Victoria Timberlake 146; Tom Gerber 284; Nick Hall 528; Steve Welch 52t; Sheila Girling Macadam 39t; Ophir Ilzetzki 325; Edwin Macadam 464; Rachel Jordan 173; Steve Brett 272; Ella Cumber 182; Barry Parsons 417; Steve Fletcher 278t; Michael Walker 53.


Jenneith Codrington recovened the class leading 63.  Leaders: Sue Lanfear 47t; Sheila Girling Macadam 157; Victoria Timberlake 147t; Paul Setford 31b; Rachel Hall 197; Tom Gerber 334; Stephen Biggs 45t; Edwin Macadam 320; Ophir Ilzetzki 550; Steve Fletcher 210; Ella Cumber 60; Nick Hall 115; Steve Welch 147b; Barry Parsons 128; Josie Gunn (with Ella Cumber) 551; Rachel Jordan 391; Michael Walker 230; Victoria Timberlake 89; Paul Setford 40; Rachel Hall 423; Stephen Biggs 86; Sue Lanfear 299; Tom Gerber 117; Steve Brett 112; Jenneith Codrington 481; Ophir Ilzetzki 492; Edwin Macadam 236; Tom Gerber 59; Nick Hall 454.  Milly Murphy offered grace before the noon meal.


Rachel Jordan called the class back to order leading 106.  Leaders: Rachel Hall 142; Adrian Bolge 107; Ella Cumber 192; Steve Brett 558; Steve Fletcher 380; Steve Welch 50b; The Memorial Lesson was read by Mary Welch in honour of the deceased: Vita Ilzetzki, Veronica Shrub, Irene Owen, Ted Alderson, Douglas Hall, Tony Benn, Steve Arch, Don Bishop, Jean Bell, Barbara Dahlgrün, Dudley Fuller and Dorothy Sando.  Steve Welch led 452 in their memory.  Michael Walker spoke for the sick and housebound: Ian Rothery, Irene Knight, Helen Brown and Brenda Thake.  Michael led 448b for them and closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 564; Barry Parsons 507; Sarah Hill 316; Stephen Biggs 178; Sue Lanfear 159; Paul Setford 273; Michael Walker 506; Nick Hall 410; Ophir Ilzetzki 77t; Rachel Jordan 474; Edwin Macadam 352; Steve Welch 70t; Jenneith Codrington 56b; Steve Fletcher 108b; Sheila Girling Macadam 168.


The class was called back by Nick Hall leading 73b.  Leaders: Sue Lanfear 200; Ella Cumber 388; Paul Setford 384; Steve Brett 196; Adrian Bolge 127; Tom Gerber 503; Rachel Hall 411; Barry Parsons 406; Michael Walker 208; Stephen Biggs 288; Sarah Hill 314; Edwin Macadam 183; Jenneith Codrington 186; Nick Hall 547; Ophir Ilzetzki 217; all Bristol Sacred Harp singers present 224; all London Sacred Harp singers present 131; all Sussex Sacred Harp singers present 198.  Announcements were made.  Rachel Jordan thanked all who had helped in any way to make this singing possible then led 347 as the closing song.  Edwin Macadam offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman--Rachel Jordan; Secretary--Nick Hall




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