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Lewes, St Michael's
South Malling,
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Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church
Saturday, 4 July 2015

Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church, Lewes, Sussex, United Kingdom
Saturday, July 4, 2015

The annual Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day was called to order by Rachel Jordan leading 34b followed by the opening prayer offered by Mike Cooper. Leaders: Nick Hall 420b; Guy Hayes 36t; Ian Lamb 287; Tom Gerber 277; Sheila Girling Macadam 81t; Piers Blewett 32b; Steve Fletcher 47t;  Paul Setford 46; Samantha Cole 30t; Edwin Macadam 171; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 131b; Barry Parsons 106; Michael Walker 411; Nick Hall 73b; Piers Blewett 445; Rachel Jordan 52t; Guy Hayes 102; Steve Fletcher 53; Ted Brown 75; Ian Lamb 313b; Tom Gerber 108b; Helen Brown 32t; Paul Setford 40; Edwin Macadam 500.


The class was called to order by Sheila Girling Macadam leading 39. Leaders: Una Nicholson 314; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 134; Barry Parsons 392; Piers Blewett 48b; Sheila Girling Macadam 464; Paul Setford 324; Michael Walker 506; Helen Brown 222; Nick Hall 105; Ian Lamb 354t; Steve Fletcher 216; Guy Hayes 398; Rachel Jordan 182; Ted Brown 313; Tom Gerber 448t; Edwin Macadam 550; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 497; Barry Parsons 242; Michael Walker 137; Una Nicholson 107; Piers Blewett 480; Helen Brown 447; Ted Brown 101t; Nick Hall 515; Steve Fletcher 189; Edwin Macadam 332; Paul Setford 38t. Milly Murphy offered grace before the noon meal.


Samantha Cole called the class back to order leading 290. Leaders: Ian Lamb 452; Barry Parsons 419; Una Nicholson 474; Tom Gerber 448b; Sue Lanfear 159; Guy Hayes 511. The Memorial Lesson was given by Michael Walker in honour of the deceased: Christopher Baxter, Patricia Price, Peter Linwood, Harold Pigott, Flo Charles, Olga Dellaway, Danny Amis, Evelyn Harris, Raymond Hamrick, Patrick Moloney, Bill Kerridge, Rina Rogers, George Reed, Geoff Thorp, Evelyn May Quine, Marjorie Louise Franks, Richard Povall, Belinda Dobiec and Peter Selby. He led 566 in their memory. Werner Ullah spoke for the following sick and housebound: Paula Mogensen, John Taylor, Retel Zaider, Kath Mountstephen, Chris Broome, Sister Pippa and Niamh Flannelly. Helen Brown led 129 and Martin Williams offered a prayer. Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 564; Rachel Jordan 278t; Michael Walker 456; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 282; Nick Hall 535; Steve Fletcher 196; Ted Brown 426t; Piers Blewett 231; Ian Lamb 99; Paul Setford 228; Helen Brown 475; Sue Lanfear 479; Una Nicholson 556.


Guy Hayes brought the class back to order for the final session leading 30b. Leaders: Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 141; Rachel Jordan 373; Piers Blewett 48t; Tom Gerber 66; Steve Fletcher 146; Nick Hall 454; Sheila Girling Macadam 157; Barry Parsons 488; Helen and Ted Brown 187; Michael Walker 492.
Announcements were made. Rachel Jordan thanked all who had helped in any way to make this singing possible then led 347 as the closing song. Edwin Macadam offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Rachel Jordan; Secretaries—Nick Hall and Gail Walker




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