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Lewes, St Michael's
South Malling,
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Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day
South Malling Parish Church
Saturday, 6 July 2019

The annual Lewes Sacred Harp Singing Day was called to order by Rachel Jordan leading 52t followed by the opening prayer offered by Mike Cooper. Leaders: Nick Hall 569b; Sheila Girling Macadam 28t; Catherine Roberts 171; Edwin Macadam 84; Ron Hollman 86; Steve Biggs 276; Ian Lamb 72b; Tom Gerber and Mia Gerber 284; Jan Lawrence 46; Steve Welch 147b; Machna Nowak 300; Nigel Bowley 39b; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 335; Ted Brown 73b; Brenda Harvey 29t; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 457; Inga Hűbner 176b; Will Hall 535; Helen Brown 565.


Teresa Maguire brought the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Seth Dickens 532; Michael Walker 528; Ben Whittaker 146; Werner Ullah 448b; Derek Buckland 34b; Rachel Jordan 217; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 66; Catherine Roberts 111b; Ron Hollman 392; Steve Biggs 49b; Inga Hűbner 369; Sheila Girling Macadam 51; Ian Lamb 95; Ted Brown 460; Jan Lawrence 314; Edwin Macadam 444; Machna Nowak 59; Nick Hall 231.


Brenda Harvey brought the class back to order leading 159. Leaders: Werner Ullah 501; Derek Buckland 68t; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 89; Will Hall 222; Seth Dickens 122; Teresa Maguire 175; Ben Whittaker 282; Tom Gerber and Mia Gerber 47b; Nigel Bowley 277; Michael Walker 225t.

Ian Lamb spoke for the sick and housebound and read their names: Rita Drayson, Pam Burr, Lesley Jacob, Malcolm Stokes, Peter Grant, Jo Freestone, Alison Green, Michelle Rice. Ian Lamb led 50b in their names.

The memorial lesson was given by Seth Dickens. He led 340 in honour of the deceased whose names were read: John Divito, Adrian Hilton, Jimmy Eiseman, Kasia Shrugier, John Marsh, Michael Ridge, Dennis Lingwood, Roberto Cavallar, William Girling, Bob Patten, Roger Bullen, Karl Walbrecht, Marlene Spector Levine, Richard Levine, Doug Webb, Susan Carr, Rodney Ellsworth Willard, Barbara Ruth Hastings Willard, Jeff Stote, Gaetano Scarasciullo, Rosa Pascazio, John Hayto, Eugene Forbes, Jackie Bishop, Trevor Brooker, Ann Bachelor, Ben Yudah, Gary Ruell, Geoff Rich, André Thorpe, Maureen Carty, Don Neal, Betty Neal. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Steve Welch 569t; Helen Brown 218. Milly Murphy offered Grace before the noon meal.


Sheila Girling Macadam called the class back to order leading 39b. Leaders: Seth Dickens 522; Teresa Maguire 440; Inga Hűbner 417; Ron Hollman 442; Helen Brown 564; Brenda Harvey 324; Nick Hall 456; Werner Ullah 278; Rachel Jordan 550; Jan Lawrence 510; Ted Brown 313t; Steve Welch 467; Catherine Roberts 500; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 133; Ian Lamb 209; Michael Walker 227; Nigel Bowley 279; Derek Buckland 76b; Machna Nowak 287; Edwin Macadam and Sheila Girling Macadam 236.


The final session commenced with Pete Eiseman-Renyard leading 504. Leaders: Nick Hall with Milly Murphy 198; Ian Lamb 481; Joss Tait 317; Seth Dickens 475; Eleanor Callaghan and Ida Callaghan Paxon 566; Steve Welch 145b; Michael Walker 566; Inga Hűbner and Derek Buckland 30t. Announcements were made. Rachel Jordan thanked all who had helped in any way to make this singing possible then led 347 as the closing song. Edwin Macadam offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman--Rachel Jordan; Secretaries--Mary Welch and Nick Hall




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