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Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sacred Harp Singing
St Bartholomew's Church Hall
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE12 9NL
3 June 2011

The Class was called to order by Benny Ross who welcomed the class and led 31b. He then taught a short singing school, which concluded with the singing of 47t. Benny invited Sally Greaves-Lord to offer the opening prayer. Leaders: Paul Gailiunas 344, 31t; Phil Tyler 40, 29b; Fynn Titford-Mock 556, 178; Harry Campbell 49b, 335.


Anna Baldini called the Class back with 146.  Leaders: Anna Baldini 299; Sally Greaves-Lord 171, 34b; Helen Barber 276; Hannah Land 48t, 228; Benny Ross 105, 106; Paul Gailiunas 107, 163b; Phil Tyler 300, 448b; Fynn Titford-Mock 430, 365; Harry Campbell 415, 163t; Anna Baldini 217, 159; Sally Greaves-Lord 270, 26; Hannah Land 273, 330b. Lin James gave thanks for the midday meal.


Benny Ross called the Class to order with 313b.  Leaders: Benny Ross 352; Sarah Hill 36b, 37b; Paul Gailiunas 66, 383; Phil Tyler 569b, 99. Fynn Titford-Mock distributed and led his song Hauxley, then led 454. Leaders: Harry Campbell 33b, 117; Anna Baldini 186, 86.

Lin James conducted the Memorial Lesson and led 131b for Simon Windsor, Maddy Hobson, Gerda Lawrence and Linda Jackson. Sally Greaves-Lord spoke for the sick and housebound and led 216 for Dwight Diller, Cath Tyler, Sharon Langridge, Anne Milne and David Daykin. Leaders: Sally Greaves-Lord 481; Hannah Land 384, 472; Benny Ross 417, 28t.


Sarah Hill called the class back with 200.  Leaders: Sarah Hill 569t; Paul Gailiunas 538, 189; Phil Tyler 445b, 229; Fynn Titford-Mock 547, 566; Harry Campbell 77t, 121; Sally Greaves-Lord 385t, 45t; Hannah Land 183, 448t; Benny Ross 350.

Announcements were made and thanks extended to all those who had helped during the day.  A total of 69 items were led during the singing day by 11 leaders. Hannah Land led the closing song 62 and said a closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chair—Benny Ross; Secretary—Colin Monson




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