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Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sacred Harp Singing
St Bartholomew's Church Hall
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE12 9NL
31 May 2014

The 10th annual Newcastle singing was called to order by Benny Ross, who welcomed the class and led 354t.  Cath Tyler offered the opening prayer, and then led 171.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman -- Benny Ross; Secretary -- Colin Monson; Arranging Committee -- Sarah Hill, Helen Barber and Judy Whiting.

Leaders: Mark Wardlaw 229; Lin James 421; Colin Monson 312b; Judy Whiting 159 (for Maria Wallace); Phil Tyler 374; Alice Brunton 228; Chris Brown 567; Martyn Boddy 46; Karen Turner 49t; Piers Cawley 45t; Josephine Ellis 350; Sandy Semeonoff 73t; Ewan Paterson 59; Cath Ingham 155; Arthur Swindells 76b; Josh Derby 56b; Guy Hayes 296; Helen Barber 66; Phil Newton and Phil Tyler 479; Lisa O’Grady 42; Charmaine Phelps and Sarah Hill 179; Benny Ross 68b.


Helen Barber called the class back and led 269.  Leaders: Colin Monson 335; Judy Whiting 472; Mark Wardlaw 361; Alice Brunton 198; Phil Tyler 506; Martyn Boddy 145t; Chris Brown 551; Thomas Greig 70b; Carmen Gordon and Lin James 203; Piers Cawley 178; Karen Turner 84; Kit Goode and Josh Derby 504; Sandy Semeonoff 33b; Ewan Paterson 49b; Josh Derby 142; Lin James 295. Paula Wardlaw gave thanks for the midday meal.


Sarah Hill called the class to order with 324.  Leaders: Arthur Swindells 217; Matt Ord 300; Margaret Bradshaw 209; Guy Hayes 131b; Phil Newton 523b; Cath Ingham 334; Lisa O’Grady 428; Thomas Greig 270; Sandy Semeonoff 99; Josephine Ellis 344; Chris Brown 299; Helen Barber 266.

Cath Tyler conducted the memorial lesson and led 72b for Nana Baldini; James Burgess -- Inverness; Sarah Crooks -- Newcastle; Bea Gilmore -- Manchester; David Petrie -- Rothesay; Protag -- Bradford; Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard -- Alabama, USA; C.T. Williams -- Alabama, USA; Dorothy Williams -- Yeovil.  Cath then led 531 for the sick and housebound: Maggie Boyle, Kayleigh Findlay, Anne Greaves-Lord, Sally Greaves-Lord, Steve Harrison, Seán Johnston, Mary Newell, Susan Starr, Roger Tyler, Maria Wallace, Andrew Waters, May, Ivy and April Waters.

Leaders: Mark Wardlaw 224; Benny Ross 485; Piers Cawley 47b; Judy Whiting 182; Ewan Paterson 87; Karen Turner 535.


Chris Brown called the class back with 81t.  Leaders: Sarah Hill 207; Martyn Boddy 163b; Anna Baldini and the children 146; Arthur Swindells 57; Charmaine Phelps and Phil Tyler 507; Lisa O’Grady 114; Guy Hayes 36b; Margaret Bradshaw 148; Ewan Paterson 117; Carmen Gordon and Sarah Hill 547; Thomas Greig 440; Sandy Semeonoff 448t; Piers Cawley 457; Cath Ingham 448b; Josh Derby 210; Cath Tyler 123b. Benny Ross extended thanks to all those who had helped during the day, and announcements were made.  Benny led 503 as the closing song.  The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Karen Turner.

Chairman -- Benny Ross; Secretary -- Colin Monson




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