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Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sacred Harp Singing
St Bartholomew's Church Hall
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE12 9NL
saturday, 3 June 2017

The 13th annual Newcastle singing was called to order by Claire Welford, who welcomed the class and led 37b. Joel Wallenberg offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairperson -- Claire Welford; Secretary -- Colin Monson; Treasurer -- Phil Tyler; Arranging Committee -- Mark Wardlaw, Lin James and Claire Welford.

Leaders: Lin James 29t; Nigel Anderson 473; Benny Ross 85; Joel Wallenberg 63; Colin Monson 350; Carmen Gordon 31t; Phil Tyler 89; Claire Singleton 299; Mark Wardlaw 172; Sally Grieves-Lord 30t; Pattie Wareh 472; Margaret Bradshaw 107. Cath Tyler taught a short singing school and then led 47t. Josephine Ellis led 266, followed by Colin Higgins 296; Shereen Benjamin 542; Sula O’Duffy 117; Charmaine Phelps 47b; Penny Macbeth 48t.


Mark Wardlaw called the class back and led 138b.  Leaders: Sandy Semeonoff 70b; Cora Wareh 501; Ian West 500; Jan Geerts 351; Jonah Titchmarsh 276; Tarik Wareh 274b; Hilary Walton 192; Faiz Wareh 215; Ellen Murphy 178; Claire Welford 372; Anne Altringham and Joan Gordon 49b; Carmen Gordon 142.

Joel Wallenberg spoke for the sick and housebound and led 458 for Rachael Bailes -- Newcastle; Carmen Hunt -- Cornwall; Betty James -- Newport, Gwent; Josephine Phelps -- Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire; Dorothy Singleton -- Pilling, Lancashire; Michelle Williams -- Scarborough.

Cath Tyler conducted the memorial lesson, leading 549 for Catherine Monson -- Gateshead; Hugh McGraw -- Bremen, Georgia, USA; Jimmy Bailey -- Akron, Alabama, USA; Stuart Hudson -- Stoke Newington; William Hulme -- Scarborough; Dinah Evans -- Scarborough; Geoffrey Morris -- Scarborough; Donald Gillis -- Edgewater, Florida, USA; Ruth Hooke -- Amherst, Massachusetts, USA; April Selley -- New York, USA; Janelle Davis -- USA; Bill Smith -- USA; Margaret Walton -- Newcastle; Jean MacDonald -- Derby; Bobbie Ant -- Newcastle; Nigel Parton -- Edinburgh; Martha Booth -- Edinburgh; David Carr -- Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA; Jean Furnish -- Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA; Richard Webb -- Holmfirth; Ron Laws -- Consett; Rose Reeve -- Durham.

Benny Ross led 278b; Nigel Anderson 354b; Sally Grieves-Lord 216. Joel Wallenberg gave thanks for the midday meal.


Jan Geerts called the class to order with 68b.  Leaders: Ian West 475; Alan Williams 84; Cora Wareh 452; Josh Darby 65; Sandy Semeonoff 480; Faiz Wareh 355; Sarah Jane Boulton 222; Pattie Wareh 40; Shereen Benjamin 203; Claire Singleton 39t; Margaret Bradshaw 168; Tariq Wareh 466; Sula O’Duffy 277; Penny Macbeth 122; Colin Monson 159; Colin Higgins 29b; Mark Wardlaw 232.


Lin James called the class back with 282. Leaders: Margaret Bradshaw 421; Phil Tyler 474; Sula O’Duffy 87; Alan Williams 397; Hilary Walton 318; Sandy Semeonoff 375; Josh Darby 300; Ian West 111b; Jan Geerts 313b; Shereen Benjamin 268; Phil Tyler 198; Claire Singleton 455; the Wareh family 45b; Colin Higgins 564; Carmen Gordon 440; Colin Monson 133; Nigel Anderson 369; Joel Wallenberg 227.

Claire Welford extended thanks to all those who had helped during the day, and announcements were made.  Claire led 347 as the closing song.  The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Joel Wallenberg.

Chairperson -- Claire Welford; Secretary -- Colin Monson




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