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Old Baptist Church, Oldham




Oldham Sacred Harp Singing Day
Old Baptist Church
Chaucer Street
Oldham OL1 1BA
Saturday, 7 February 2009

The class was called to order by Hannah Land leading 34b, following which Hannah offered the opening prayer.

Hannah Land taught a short singing school during which the class received instruction on the shape note system, major and minor scales, beating time, and sang 47t, 47b, 49t, & 146.


Hannah Land called the class to order leading 501. Leaders: ian West 39t, Ruth Steggles 48t, Michael Walker 134, Judy Whiting 171, Phil Tyler 290, Helen Brown 365, Chris Brown 127, Carmel Wood 270, Cath Tyler 318, Richard Percival 490. Hannah Land gave thanks for the lunchtime meal.

Lunch recess

Sarah West called back the class back to order leading 89. Leaders: Maria Wallace 142, Td Brown 111b, Margaret Gillanders 475, Sharon Langridge 350, Shelby Sampson 29t, Ian West 480, Hannah Land 481, Judy Whiting 491, Helen Brown 384, Cath Tyer 183, Chris Brown 38t, Carmel Wood 472.

Ruth Steggles conducted the memorial lesson & led 448 in honour of the following deceased: Jean Cousins, Ian Ferguson, Trevor Sanderson, David Little, Angela lee, Lee Rogers, Amanda Denson, Stan Shaw, Jim Oss, Lorna lenox, Pauline Childers, Ann Cox, and Sheila Maiden.

Michael Walker conducted the sick & housebound lesson & led song on page 330b for the following: John Green, Dorothy Williams, Jack Crawford, David Daykin, Kathy Armstrong, Fraser hay, Bill Craven, Sue Briggs, David george, Betty Hine, Eugenia Minor. Ruth stegles closed the Lessons with prayer.  Leaders: Margaret Gillanders 203, Phil Tyler 227, Sarah West 288.


Ted Brown called the class back to order leading 97. Leaders: Maria Wallace 504, Sharon Langridge 27, Shelby Sampson 99, Richard Percival 344, Sarah West 335, uth Steggles 198, Michael Walker 322, Phil tyler 157, Ted brown  77t, Margaret Gillanders 568b, Cath Tyler 148, Helen Brown 107.

Hannah Land led 323t as the closing song & dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Hannah Land; Secretary - Judy Whiting.




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