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Old Baptist Church, Oldham




Oldham Sacred Harp Singing Day
Old Baptist Church
Chaucer Street
Oldham OL1 1BA
Saturday, 9 February 2013

The class were called to order by Hannah Land leading 59 and saying the opening prayer.  A singing school was led by Hannah Land, during which the class received instruction on the shape note system, major and minor scales, and modes of time.  The class participated in the singing exercises on pages 15 and 16 and sang 49b and 39t.  Hannah Land 72b;  Cath Tyler 63; Chris Brown 82t; Ruth Steggles 77t; Sarah West 565; Nadine Wills 66; Michael Walker 74t; Ewan Paterson 274t.


The class was called to order by Margaret Gillanders 36b; Eva Striebeck 58; Michael McGuigan 156; Ted Brown 339; Dara Desmond 440; Colin Higgins 47t; Harry Campbell 163t; Ella Cumber 42; Rachel Egglestone 277; Lin James 284; Judy Whiting 546; Sarah West 157; Ewan Paterson 49t; Cath Tyler 318; Helen Brown 365.

Hannah Land led grace.


The class were called to order by Nadine Wills leading 457; Chris Brown 341; Michael Walker 475; Dara Desmond 192; Ted Brown 187; Eva Striebeck 171; Michael McGuigan 108t; Margaret Gillanders 391; Ella Cumber 478; Harry Campbell 38t; Rachel Egglestone 445; Lin James 448b; Ruth Steggles 425; Colin Higgins 86; Judy Whiting 150; Helen Brown 422; Hannah Land 428; Ted Brown 303.

Michael Walker conducted the memorial and sick and housebound lesson, leading 225t in honour of the following deceased; Ann Beasley, Violet Thomason, Brenda Grimshaw, Harold Newall, Malcolm Robertson, May Hollinger, Lonnie Rogers, Peter Schoongamis, David Daykin, Maureen Gamlin, David Todd, Nonek Jacobson, Ray Cox, Katherine, David and Jonathon, and the following sick and housebound; Henry Guthry, Curtis Owen, Tony Parkinson, Bea Gilmore, Alan Jackson, Kathy Armstrong, Ciaran Fackler, Don and Charlotte Walker, Bryan Seale and his mother, Todd Carbough, Ellen and Paul Novak, Maria Wallace, Gary Nightingale.  Prayers were led by John Hopkinson.

Leaders: Sarah West 50b; Cath Tyler 270; Ewan Paterson 108b.


The class were called to order by Chris Brown leading 81t; Nadine Wills 148; Harry Campbell 410t; Dara Desmond 489; Ella Cumber 411; Michael McGuigan 68b; Eva Striebeck 312b; Rachel Egglestone 47b; Lin James 566; Ruth Steggles 472; Colin Higgins 56b; Judy Whiting 208; Hannah Land 436 in honour of birthdays for Dara Desmond, Michael McGuigan, and Penny Higgins; Michael Walker 145t; Cath Tyler 213t; Sarah West 67; Ewan Paterson 282; Eva Striebeck 110; Dara Desmond 299. 


Hannah Land led 62 as the closing song and dismissed the class with a prayer.

Chair -- Hannah Land; Secretaries -- Cath Tyler, Karen Turner, Margaret Gillanders.




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