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Oxted Minutes

April 2010
November 2010
April 2011

Oxted All-day Sacred Harp Singing
Oxted United Reform Church
Saturday, 9 April 2011

The class was called to order by Helen Brown and Ted Brown leading song on page 52t. Martin Williams offered the opening prayer. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve:  Co-Chairs Helen Brown and Ted Brown;  Secretaries Nick Hall and Sofi Mogensen;  Arranging Committee Dave Richardson and Michael Walker.Leaders:  Helen Brown and Ted Brown 59;  Dave Richardson 32t;  Steve Fletcher 45t;  Nick Hall 147t;  Rebecca Over 420;  Rachel Jordan 49t;  Michael Walker 54t (CB);  Jacqui Selby-Macleod 452;  Sofi Mogensen 28t;  Helen Brown 171, 72b;  Steve Fletcher 49b, 376;  Ted Brown 47t, 81t.


The class was re-convened with Dave Richardson leading 87 and 131b. Leaders:  Rebecca Over 421, 172;  Adrian Bolge 68b, 48t;  Rachel Jordan 350, 40;  Michael Walker 33t, 74t (for Richard Delong);  Jacqui Selby-Macleod 89, 285t;  Nick Hall 155, 563 (CB);  Sofi Mogensen 34b, 159;  Helen Brown 511b (CB), 573 (CB). The blessing for the mid-day meal was offered by Helen Brown.


The afternoon session was called to order with Dave Richardson leading song on page 148. Leaders:  Steve Fletcher 98 (CB);  Michael Walker 322;  Rebecca Over 562;  Adrian Bolge 504;  Rachel Jordan 497;  Jacqui Selby-Macleod 122;  Nick Hall 217;  Sofi Mogensen 65;  Helen Brown 235;  Dave Richardson 488t (CB).

The Memorial Lesson was conducted by Michael Walker. The following deceased were remembered: Joyce Over, Phyllis Bruce, David Turner, Carl Lawrence, Gordon Abram, Joe Hall, Juduth Bowness, Peter Nock, Bob Meek, Mary Florence Smith, Mr L Murphy, Marion Biggs, Jenny Reeves, Lisbeth Poulsen, Suzanne Parker, Linda Champ, Mike Keily. The names of the following Sick and Housebound were read: Charlie Derleth, Kit and Jack Vishnick, Reginald Oberle, Lonnie Rogers, Maureen Jones, Maureen Gamlin, Marjorie Franks. Michael lWalker ed song on page 381 and closed the Memorial with prayer. Leaders:  Dave Richardson 478 (CB);  Helen Brown 345b.


Michael Walker brought the class back leading 381b (CB). Leaders:  Dave Richardson 335;  Jill Thompson 178;  Adrian Bolge 501;  Ted Brown 77t;  Sofi Mogensen 481;  Nick Hall 571 (CB);  Rebecca Over 371;  Rachel 474;  Steve Fletcher 38t (CB);  Helen Brown 349;  Michael Walker 460;  Adrian Bolge 287;  Dave Richardson 473;  Jill Thompson 99;  Rebecca Over 542;  Ted Brown 546;  Jacqui Selby-Macleod 82t;  Nick Hall 515;  Sofi Mogensen 228;  Steve Fletcher 132 (CB);  Rachel Jordan 299. Ted Brown and Helen Brown led 323t as the closing song. Michael Walker offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairs: Helen Brown and Ted Brown;  Secretaries; Nick Hall and Sofi Mogensen.


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