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St Mary's Church, Willesden
 North-west London




North-west London Sacred Harp Singing
St Mary's Church
NW10 2TS
Saturday, 22 November 2008

The first Northwest London Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Michael Walker leading 225t. Michael Walker welcomed everyone and gave a brief history of the ch urch. Chaplain Helen Brown offered the morning prayer. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Michael Walker; Arranging Committee—Sheila Macadam, Sarah West; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders, Judy Whiting. 

Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg of Troy, NY, gave a singing school for advanced singers focusing on accent. The following songs were sung during the singing school: 49(b), 209, 302, 340, 82(t), 522.


Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 155; Rachel Jordan 474; Michael Walker 200, 134; Ian West 135, 50(b); Linda Reed 300; Edwin Macadam 217, 61; Sofi Mogensen 503; Jesse Karlsberg 348(b), 371; Helen Brown 411, 278(b); Paul Setford 37(b), 40; Steve Fletcher 481 (for Ken Baddley and his new wife), 272; Joseph Smeall 114, 183; Margaret Gillanders 171; Nick Hall 528, 287; Sarah West 370, 324. Helen Brown offered grace for the noon meal.


Ian West called the class back with 479. Leaders: Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 448(b), 314; Pete Renyard 47(t); Judy Whiting 222, 186; Ted Brown 378t; Jill Thompson 299, 504; Chris Brown 467, 362; Shelby Sampson 163(t), 48(b); Richard Percival 38(b), 210; Dave Richardson 63, 145(t); Aaron Rajeev Kahn 284, 168. 

The memorial lesson was conducted by Ted Brown. The following deceased were remembered: Amanda Denson, Roy West, Jane Selby, Loy Garrison, Gladys McGraw, Katherine Benefield, Reby Stanford, Lee Rogers, Ferdi Williams, Frank Hataway, Yvonne Blake, Paddy Broughton, David Hammond, Dave Little. Ted Brown led 339 in their memory.The sick and housebound lesson was conducted by Jacqui Selby-Macleod. The names of the sick and housebound included Stanley Shaw, Maureen Gamlin, Jean Cousins, Jenny Reeves, Erik Mogensen, John Taylor, Mary Lambert-Smith, Eugene Forbes, Mel Browne, Pru Coreen, Jack Walne, Violet Setfor d, David Lee (Essex), Gladys Buchanan, Betty Thompson, Kerry Bloom. Jacqui Selby-Macleod led 452 for them.Helen Brown offered prayer and the memorial and sick and housebound lessons were closed.


Michael Walker called the class back with 377. Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 330(b), 142; Rachel Jordan 66, 269; Sofi Mogensen 47(b), 86; Margaret Gillanders 384; Ted Brown 546; Linda Reed 228, 515 (for Ken Baddley and his wife); Edwin Macadam 236; Judy Whiting 273; Richard Percival 198; Nick Hall 28(b); Sarah West 385(b); Steve Fletcher 277; Chris Brown 211; Helen Brown 53; Jesse Karlsberg 507.

Following announcements, Michael Walker led 62, the class took the parting hand, and chaplain Helen Brown offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chairman - Michael Walker, Secretaries - Margaret Gillanders, Judy Whiting.




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