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Winchester All Day Sacred Harp Singing
First Singing Day
St Paul's Church Hall
Saturday, 11 August 2018

Winchester All Day singing
St Paulís Church Hall,
United Kingdom
Saturday, August 11, 2018

The first annual Winchester Sacred Harp singing was held at St Paulís Church Hall on the Saturday before the second Sunday in August. Nigel Bowley called the class to order leading 33b. The Rev. Marjorie Brown offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Brenda Harvey 47t; Kathryn Whelan 52t; Edwin Macadam 84; Caroline Edwards 107; Sheila Girling Macadam 28b; Jenny Pett 49t; Toby Goss 156; Jac Gehring 146; George Simms 73t; Rebecca Over (for Mildred Patterson) 294; Ron Hollman 360; Victoria Timberlake 82t; Steve Welch 569t; Catherine Roberts 271t; Joss Tait 81t; Alec Williams 282; Teresa Maguire 348t; Sam Carter 573; Jan Lawrence 31b; Nick Hall 527; Amy Cutts 117; Steve Brett 61; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 35; Andrew Clark 276; Marjorie Brown 474; Helen Brown 475.


Werner Ullah called the class back to order by leading 73b. Leaders: Brenda Harvey 29t; Peter Eiseman-Renyard 49b; Jacoba Bruneel 328; Robin Bisson 228; Rachel Jordan 392; Ted Brown 176b; Seth Dickens 193; Matthew Parkinson 296; Nigel Bowley 274b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by the Rev. Andrew Clark. Andrew led 134 for the following sick and shut-ins; Karen Matthews, Adrian Hilton, Lesley Jacob, Paula Mogenson, Sandy Waller, Charlene Wallace, Ottis Sides, Velton Chaffin, Ian Lamb, Evelyn Munson, Jeannie Blagg, Michael Walker, Justine Stairmand, Keith Pigott. Andrew then led 278t for the following deceased; Daphene Causey, Willodean Barton, Mike Jones-Alabama; Louise Holland, Ruth Ayers, Wawena Entrekin Miles, Florice Akin-Georgia; Daniel Evans USA; Andy Spence-Hove; Francesco Nazzini, Michael Seifert, Kamila Zahno, Geoffrey Rendle, Frank Pigott-London; Ivan Bainbridge-Sheerness; Charlie Hicks-Hereford; Reginald Brett-Sunningdale; Mark Girling-Spain; Jennifer Bennet-Ontario; Rollo Woods-Swanage; Jeff Stote-Wales; Hilary Edwards-Newbury, John Hayto-Leicester. Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 68b; Amy Cutts 133; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 335; Caroline Edwards 178; Victoria Timberlake 277; Jenny Pett 148; Ron Holman 340; Peter Eiseman-Renyard 56b; Catherine Roberts 176t; Alec Williams 153; George Sims 130; Werner Ullah 501; Toby Goss 189; Joss Tait 275t; Jan Lawrence 314.


Steve Brett called the class back to order by leading 283. Leaders: Teresa Maguire 500; Sam Carter  215; Marjorie Brown 142; Seth Dickens 315; Rebecca Over  196; Steve Welch 566; Rachel Jordan 522; Robin Bisson 102; Werner Ullah 99; Helen Brown 542; Matthew Parkinson 560; Jacoba Bruneel  272; Edwin Macadam 532; Catherine Roberts 312b; Ted Brown 510; Nate Gehring and Nick Hall 455; Sheila Girling Madacam 377; Alec Williams 106; Amy Cutts 236; Toby Goss 181; Brenda Harvey 159; Nigel Bowley 466; Caroline Edwards 163b; Joss Tait 331.


George Simms called the class back to order leading 217. Leaders; Victoria Timberlake 503; Ron Holman 442; Robin Bisson 540; Rebecca Over 65; Steve Welch 147b; Andrew Clark 535; Jacoba Bruneel 101b; Rachel Jordan 546; Steve Brett 205; Seth Dickens 365; Edwin Macadam 523; Ted Brown 303; Nick Hall 454; London Singers 77t; Helen Brown 373; Immel-Parkinson Family 45b.

Announcements were made. Nigel Bowley and Brenda Harvey led 62 as the closing song. Helen Brown offered the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman-Nigel Bowley; Vice Chairman-Brenda Harvey; Secretary-Mary Welch


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