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Convention History

East Midlands Minutes



East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention
Kegworth Village Hall
Leicestershire, UK
26 and 27 April 2003

Saturday, 26 April

The East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention was held at the Village Hall in Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in April. Ian West brought the class to order leading 32t. Rob Mahoney offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Helen Brown 371; Ruth Cooper 171; Bernard Collard 362; Margaret Gillanders 49t; Steven Levine 164; Mandy Townsend 84; Mick Verrier 201; Mryka Hall-Beyer 350; Richard Schmeidler 155 (CB); Steve Fletcher 36b; Katie Mahoney 81t; Jim Pfau 80t; Hannah Cooper 133; Dave Richardson 278t; Ian West 478t (WB); Ruth Cooper 299; Bernard Collard 70t (CB).


Ian West called the class together leading song on page 52t. Leaders : Ruth Cooper 457; Bernard Collard 336t (CB); Margaret Gillanders 148; Mandy Townsend 480; Steven Levine 532; Mryka Hall-Beyer 277; Steve Fletcher 77t; Mick Verrier 272; Katie Mahoney 499; Richard Schmeidler 287; Helen Brown 236; Jim Pfau 528b (CB); Ian West 29t. Gillian White offered the blessing for the midday meal.


The afternoon session was opened by Dave Richardson with Val Wallace leading song on page 56t. Leaders: Hannah Cooper with Sheila Wright 178; Bernard Collard 454; Mandy Townsend 318; Jim Pfau 319; Ruth Cooper 315; Steven Levine 199 (CB); Margaret Gillanders 515; Mick Verrier 383; Mryka Hall-Beyer 361; Richard Schmeidler 254; Katie Mahoney 162. A business session was held, during which the roles of the existing officers was explained and volunteers sought for future years. Leaders: Ian West 135; Helen Brown 198; Steve Fletcher 392 (CB); Dave Richardson 385t. 


Mandy Townsend called the class back together with song on page 490. Leaders: Bernard Collard 300; Hannah Cooper and Lucy Wright 146; Jim Pfau 270; Ruth Cooper 269; Mick Verrier 107; Margaret Gillanders 523; Mryka Hall-Beyer 393 (CB); Steven Levine 486 (CB); Katie Mahoney 83b; Richard Schmeidler 268; Steve Fletcher 312b; Ian West 313b; Helen Brown 559 (CB); Jim Pfau 505 (CB); Mryka Hall-Beyer 327; Steven Levine 285t; Ian West and Helen Brown 574 (CB). Jiim Pfau gave the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, 27 April

Sunday's session was called to order by Ian West leading song on page 99. Bernard Collard offered the morning prayer. Leaders : Helen Brown 75; Ken Baddley 571 (CB); Ruth Cooper 48t; Tony Singleton 300; Isabelle Walker 66; Steven Levine 87; Margaret Gillanders 143; Richard Schmeidler 184; Phil Tyler 318; Mryka Hall-Beyer 86; Mick Verrier 209; Steve Fletcher 448t; Jim Pfau 98 (CB); Sheila Girling Macadam 186 (CB); Bernard Collard 478 (CB); Katie Mahoney 375; Edwin Macadam 508 (CB).


The class was called together by Dave Richardson leading song on page 343.  Leaders : Ian West 28t; Helen Brown 137 (CB); Ken Baddley 27; Ruth Cooper 150; Tony Singleton 163b; Anna Stadward 276; Steven Levine 475; Margaret Gillanders 36b; Richard Schmeidler 178; Phil Tyler 416t (CB); Mryka Hall-Beyer 288;

Ken Baddley gave the Memorial Lesson and led song on page 490 in memory of the following deceased: Tara Tierney, James Lavaughn Ballinger, Tom Mattock, Wendy Lawrinson, Jack Bower, Mark Lawrence, Roy Cavie, Chris White, Roy Bryan, Diana Hannah, Stan Stokes, Barbara Lockley and Vera Richardson. Rob Mahoney gave the lesson for the sick and housebound, leading song on page 503. Those who were remembered were: Kate Richards, Ken Robinson, Mel Browne, Richard DeLong, Mary Castell, Arwen Lockley, Barbara Foster, Angela Payne, Elsie Batty, Evelyn Ward, Mick Louely, Michael Quigley, Georgie Stadward, Robyn Mephan, Gordon Ashman, Win Tyler, Rosalind Oldham, Sue Gould, Joan Stocks, Len Roles, Simon Harratt.

Leaders : Mick Verrier 106 (CB); Steve Fletcher 53(CB); Jim Pfau 369 (CB). Ken Baddley offered a prayer and blessing for lunch.


The singing re-convened with Katie Mahoney leading song on page 282. Leaders : Edwin Macadam 538; Sheila Girling Macadam 142; Dave Richardson and Bill Meakin 101t; Ken Baddley 501; Margaret Gillanders 133 (CB); Bernard Collard 74b; Mryka Hall-Beyer 280; Tony Singleton 504 (for Jean Barton and Jill Thompson); Helen Brown 391 (CB); Steven Levine 59; Ruth Cooper 447; Phil Tyler and Hannah West 456; Richard Schmeidler 473; Steve Fletcher 148.


Ian West brought the class back together leading song on page 448b. Leaders : Jim Pfau 218; Mick Verrier 217; Katie Mahoney 390; Edwin Macadam 436; Ken Baddley 96; Margaret Gillanders 474; Sheila Girling Macadam 47b; Bernard Collard 203; Mryka Hall-Beyer 156 (CB); Steven Levine 565; Helen Brown 47t; Richard Schmeidler 519b (CB); Katie Mahoney 153; Tony Singleton 312b; Steve Fletcher 85; Phil Tyler 330t; Jim Pfau 347.

Announcements of future singings were made. Ted Brown, for the Finance Committee, reported that contributions were such that all expenses of the convention were covered. Thanks were conveyed to everyone who had contributed to the running of the convention. Ian West and Helen Brown led 'The Christians' Love' to close the convention. Rob Mahoney gave the closing prayer.

Chairman - Ian West; 
Vice Chairman - Helen Brown; 
Arranging Committee - Dave Richardson; 
Secretary - Margaret Gillanders. 

58 people in total registered over the weekend. 25 leaders led 151 songs


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