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Convention History

East Midlands Minutes



East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention
Kegworth Village Hall
Leicestershire, UK
25 and 26 April 2009

Saturday, 25 April

The eighth East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Ian West leading 52t.  Rob Mahoney gave the opening prayer. Leaders: Helen Brown 36b; Ruth Steggles 171; Ted Brown 303; Margaret Gillanders 203; David Richardson 30t; Sarah West 405; Michael Walker 133 (CB); Judy Whiting 212; Shannon Primm 168; Mandy Townsend 39t; Chris Brown 28b; Sharon Langridge 47b; Rob Mahoney 86; Rosalind Oldham 452; Maria Wallace 312b; Aaron Kahn 107; Steve Fletcher 106; Hannah Land 145t; Phil Tyler 139; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 457.


Ian West brought the class back leading 98 (CB).  Leaders: Cath Tyler 522 (CB); Richard Percival 367 (CB); Helen Brown 573 (CB); Ruth Steggles 571 (CB); Ted Brown 81t; Margaret Gillanders 344(CB); Sarah West 370; Michael Walker 302; Judy Whiting 138t (CB); Shannon Primm 70t; Mandy Townsend 490; Chris Brown 211; Sharon Langridge 563 (CB); Rob Mahoney 268; Rosalind Oldham 515 (CB); Maria Wallace 448t; Aaron Khan 132 (CB); Steve Fletcher 140 (CB); Hannah Land 183; Phil Tyler 182.  Shannon Primm said grace for the midday meal.


Jacqui Selby-Macleod began the afternoon session with 100.  Leaders: David Richardson 101t; Shannon Primm 192; Sally Greaves-Lloyd 481; Sarah West 335; Cath Tyler 250; Judy Whiting 34t; Margaret Gillanders 270; Richard Percival 488b (CB); Phil Tyler 184b (CB); Hannah Land 505 (CB); Peter Knudssen 148; Helen Brown 430; Ian West 101b; Mandy Townsend 318; Chris Brown 271t; Michael Walker 411 (CB); Sharon Langridge 515; Steve Fletcher 126; Aaron Khan 300; Maria Wallace 474; Ruth Steggles 143.


Maria Wallace brought the class together leading 146.  Leaders: Ted Brown 97; Rosalind Oldham 480; Sally Greaves-Lord 29t; David Richardson 268b (CB); Margaret Gillanders 500 (CB); Jacqui Selby-Macleod 330b; Shannon Primm 56b; Rob and Jean Mahoney 503; Cath Tyler 406; Steve Fletcher 228; Aaron Khan 284; Michael Walker 292b (CB); Sarah West 88t; Judy Whiting 460; Richard Percival 28t; Phil Tyler 442; Hannah Land 38b.  Ian West and Helen Brown led 347 to close the day's singing and Rosalind Oldham gave the closing prayer.

Sunday, 26 April

The Sunday session was called to order by Ian West leading 56t.  Ruth Steggles gave the opening prayer.  Leaders: Helen Brown 422; David Richardson 31t; Ruth Steggles 47t; Ted Brown 77t; Margaret Gillanders 559 (CB); Chris Brown 511t (CB); Sarah West 288; Shannon Primm 129; Rob Mahoney 454; Hannah Land 544; Sharon Langridge 48t; Michael Walker 134; Judy Whiting 38t (CB); Aaron Khan 455; Carmel Wood 159; David Moore 361; Rosalind Oldham 511b (CB).


Ian West called the class back with 105.  Leaders: Ruth Steggles 128; Ted Brown 546; Anna Baldini 86; Margaret Gillanders 507b (CB); Chris Brown 121; Sarah West 76b; Shannon Primm and Michael Walker 213t; Rob Mahoney 276; Helen Brown 534; Hannah Land 34b; Michael Walker 377.  Anne Hayto gave the memorial lesson, and read the names of the following departed: Stanley Shaw, Dr Bill Reynolds, John Etheridge, Frank Hathaway, Peter Gregory, Trevor Sanderson, Betty Wilson, Jean Cousins, Margaret Clay, David Little, Brian Cheetham, Bill Craven, Alastair Heron, Deirdre Powell, Gladys Buchanan, Jim Oss, Malcolm Douglas, Ann Cox, Florence Mellor, Lee Rogers, Barry Burling, Jim Bamford, Rene Pilley and Rabbi Arnold Wolfe, for whom Ruth Steggles led 488b (CB).  Ted Brown gave the lesson for the sick and housebound leading 278t for John Plunkett, Myrtle-Ann Ballard, Maureen Gamlin, Peter Philips, John Green, Mrs Rollo Woods, Haider Iqbal, Philip Higgins, David Lee (Essex), Kathy Armstrong, Bob Morgan, Richard Moore, Pam Coleman, Sue Briggs, David Daykin, Tony Smith, Meriel and Eddie Byrne, Tom Hodgkinson, Ivy Moore, Erica Canfield and Sofi Mogensen.  Michael Walker closed the Memorial Lesson with a prayer.  

Leaders: Sharon Langridge 49b; Aaron Khan 155 (CB); Judy Whiting 499 (CB); Carmel Wood 146; David Moore 299; Rosalind Oldham 327; David Richardson 478 (CB).  Sharon Langridge said grace in thanks for the midday meal.


Sharon Langridge called the class back leading 350.  Leaders: Aaron Khan and Michael Walker 79; Carmel Wood 56b; Ian West 152 (CB); David Moore 189; Helen Brown 54t (CB); Shannon Primm 373 (CB); Margaret Gillanders 575 (CB); Judy Whiting 46; Rosalind Oldham 563 (CB); Ruth Steggles 574 (CB); David Richardson 488t (CB); Chris Brown 35; Shannon Primm and Michael Walker 410b; Sarah West 89; Rob and Jean Mahoney 209; Hannah Land 198.


Ted Brown brought the class together leading 111b.  Leaders: David Moore 236; Carmel Wood 472; Chris Brown 441; Sarah West 59; Ian West 313b; Helen and Ted Brown 282; Hannah Land 515; Ruth Steggles 535; Michael Walker and Aaron Khan 138b; Judy Whiting273; David Richardson 153; Shannon Primm 497; Margaret Gillanders 569b; Aaron Khan and Ruth Steggles 504.  Following reports, announcements and thanks, Ian West and Helen Brown led The Christians' Love and Rob Mahoney gave the closing prayer.

Chairman--Ian West; Vice-Chairman--Helen Brown; Secretary--Margaret Gillanders.


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