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Convention History

United Kingdom Minutes



United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention

Beeston Youth and Community Centre
Beeston, Nottingham, UK

10th and 11th September 2000

Saturday 10th September

The fifth UK Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 10 am by Helen Brown leading the song on page 52t. Ken Baddley led the morning prayer and then Ian West led the song on page 30t. The Chairman, David Cooper, welcomed all visitors, particularly those who had travelled from the US to attend. David introduced Richard DeLong who began his singing school, during which he led the songs on pages 36b, 72b, 101t, 49b, 354b, 318, 439, 399b, 418, 417, 395 and 392.


Judy Whiting brought the class together with the song on page 171 and then Richard DeLong resumed his singing school with the songs on pages 399b, 418, 417, 395 and 392. Ruth Cooper led the song on page 299. Leaders: Ken Baddley 99; Ted Mercer 298; Sheila Girling Smith 148; Edwin Macadam 168; Diane Mennella 208; Rachel Jordan 66; Dave Townsend 300; Dave Richardson 548; Mandy Townsend 33b; Alan Weeks 479; Barbara Swetman 196; Dafydd Charles 155; Matt Wojcik 89; Paul Gailiunas 63t; Connie Karduck 456; Steve Levine 371; Steve Fletcher 142. Ruth Cooper offered a prayer for the meal which followed.


The afternoon session resumed with Bernard Collard leading the song on page 63. Leaders: Arlie Prokop 451; Richard Schmeidler 254; Ros Clements 147t; Mick Verrier 107; Bob Parr 270; Virginia Douglas 47b; Phil Tyler 445; David Cooper 324; Roz Argyle 474; Cath Oss 556; Ian West 480; Helen Brown 377; Ted Mercer 151; Sheila Girling Smith 186; Ken Baddley 515; Dave Townsend 146; Richard DeLong 362; Judy Whiting 460; Diane Mennella 312; Alan Weeks 84; Rachel Jordan 503.


Dave Richardson called the class back with the song on page 335. Leaders: Ruth Cooper and Lin Cawthorne 268; Edwin Macadam 236; Matt Wojcik 189; Mandy Townsend 85; Dafydd Charles 159; Connie Karduck 565b; David Moore 361; Cath Oss 59; Paul Gailiunas 538; Steve Levine 532; Steve Fletcher 117; Barbara Swetman 475; Richard Schmeidler 100; Bernard Collard 454; Arlie Prokop 79; Mick Verrier 272; Ros Clements 504; Bob Parr 528; Cath Oss 122. The class was dismissed at 4.30pm by Helen Brown and Ian West leading the song on page 323t; Bernard Collard led the closing prayer.

Sunday 11th September

The Sunday session was opened at 10 am by Ian West with the song on page 40. The morning prayer was led by Alan Weeks. Helen Brown led the song on page 145t and then Richard DeLong gave a further singing school, during which he led the songs on pages 97, 74, 44, 27, 422, 292, 458, 39b, 36t and 60.


The class was called together by Ted Mercer with the song on page 106. Leaders: Rosie Wojcik 77t; Hannah Cooper 276; Krys Bottrill 178; Phil Tyler 70b; Anna Standward 107; Alan Burchard and Diane Mennella 179; Virginia Douglas and Meg Compton 49b; Bob Parr 391; Mandy Townsend 48t; Ken Baddley 350; Matt Wojcik 269; Sheila Girling Smith 210; Steve Levine 441; Judy Whiting 460; Rachel Jordan 163b. 

Richard DeLong, gave the memorial lesson, reflecting on his own memories of singers who had passed away. Ken Baddley read the names of the deceased: Karen House, Karen Hamilton, Mary Dalton, John Craythorne, Robin Fox's mother, Ron Nathan, Dollie DeLong Hudgins, John Theobald, Rosa Hughes, Ron Thomas, Peggy Woodley, Vera of Totnes, Lesley Wragg, Michael Thompson, Betty Potter, George Riddell, Tony Mitchell and Frances Butcher. Richard DeLong then led the song on page 285t for the deceased.

Bernard Collard told a parable of cracked pots and then led the song on page 475 for the following sick and housebound: Gordon Ashman, Nesrin Boysan, Andrea Ertle, Elizabeth Battersley , Mary Brown, Peter Pearce and Rosemary Allsop. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 306; Steve Fletcher 128; Dave Richardson 473. Helen Brown gave the blessing for lunch.


Ruth Cooper reconvened the class with the song on page 198. Leaders: Paul Gailiunas 455; Roz Argyle 452; Arlie Prokop 311; Alan Weeks 291; Susan Duncan 33t; Connie Karduck 176t; Paul Setford 273; Barbara Swetman 448t; Dafydd Charles 299; Diane Mennella 472; Dave Townsend 434; Richard Schmeidler 287; Ros Clements 266; Mick Verrier 383; Rosie Wojcik 95; Richard DeLong 496.


Helen Brown called the class to order with the song on page 430. Leaders: David Atkin 480; Bernard Collard 501; Phil Tyler 229; Mandy Townsend 163t; Arlie Prokop 440; Bob Parr 497; Ted Mercer 216; Virginia Douglas 31t; Matt Wojcik 183; Connie Karduck 368; Steve Levine 153; Barbara Swetman 203; Rosie Wojcik 209; Richard Schmeidler 31b; Diane Mennella 81b; Richard DeLong 123b. 

Announcements were made, thanks were given to all those who had helped organise this year's convention and best wishes were conveyed to the organisers of the 2001 Convention, which will be held in Cumnor, near Oxford on September 8 - 9. The committee closed the Convention at 3.30 pm with the song on page 62. Richard DeLong led the closing prayer.

Chairman - David Cooper

Secretary - Ian West

Arranging Committee - Helen Brown


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