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United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention

United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention
Framwellgate School, Durham City, United Kingdom

14th and 15th September 2013

Saturday, September 14

The 18th United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Cath Tyler leading 59. Cath offered an opening prayer and welcomed everyone, especially those who had travelled from overseas to join the Convention.

Leaders: Judy Whiting 171; Colin Monson 148; Phil Tyler 37b; Helen Barber 442; Sarah Hill 73t; Eric Landay 145b; Ruth Steggles 482; Duane Nasis 111b; Sally Greaves-Lord 384; Mick Verrier 107; Claire Hogan 56b; Calum Woods 271t; Jo Ellis 474; Ted Brown 187; Rebecca Over 340; Colleen Jones 485; Rob Mahoney 178; Eva Striebeck 472.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman -- Cath Tyler; Vice-Chairman -- Hannah Land; Secretary -- Colin Monson; Treasurer, Phil Tyler; Arranging Committee -- Chris Brown, Judy Whiting, Ian West, Ewan Paterson, Dara Desmond, Ian West and Nick Hall.


Carmel Wood called the class to order by leading 282. Leaders: Vicki Elliot 163t; Justyna Orlikowska 58; Chris Brown 541; Richard Ivey 192; Dana Desmond 440; Kama Dembińska 189; Amanda Parkes 290; Fynn Titford-Mock 212; Claire Singleton 82t; Michael Walker 460; John del Re 466; Raymond Rammeloo 36b; Thom Fahrbach 214; Sharon Langridge 503; Rachel Jordan 538; Richard Schmeidler 155; Marjorie Brown 228; Rob Wedgbury 106; Kelsey Ivey 383; Ian West 182; Hannah Land 436. Rob Mahoney gave thanks for the midday meal.


Sarah Hill led 270 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Nick Hall 491; Sally Summer 497; Kelly Makin 195; Arthur Swindells 448b; Sheila Girling Macadam 562; Olgierd Orlikowski 500; Tony Irwin, Jr and Tony Irwin, Sr 147t; Leyland del Re 280; Emily Verrier and the children at the Convention 146; Steve Biggs 288; Edwin Macadam 444; Helen Brown 411; Daniel Hunter 167; Susannah Gill 142; Jessica Sligter 134; Francis Gaskin 102; Ellyn Stokes 276; Maxwell Robb 72b.


John del Re called the class to order by leading 32t. Leaders: Ieva Užule and Sarah Hill 299; Geoff Grainger and Hilary Walton 122; Martyn Boddy and Cath Tyler 277; Adrian Bolge 350; Mark Wardlaw 313b; Joe Jones 49t; Paul Gailunas 49b; Ella Cumber 70b.


Justyna Orlikowska called the class to order by leading 312b. Leaders: Helen Barber and Margaret Leeke 287; Rebecca Over and Rosalind Wood 378b; Jo Ellis and Liz Tarleton 300; Jenneith Codrington and Beth Atkinson 77t; Mick Verrier and Matthew Robley-Siemonsma 209; Rob Mahoney 268; Rob Wedgbury 65. Cath Tyler led 323t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Rev Alison Hobbs.

Sunday, September 15

The Sunday session of the United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Cath Tyler leading 47t. Hannah Land offered the opening prayer, and Cath Tyler welcomed everyone.

Leaders: Colin Monson 324; Jo Ellis 203; Frances Gaskin 37t; Richard Schmeidler 475; Helen Barber 266; Benny Ross 350; Sarah Hill 345b; Jessica Sligter 163b; Ted Brown 113; Arthur Swindells 117; Lin James 85; Phil Tyler 505; Helen Brown 430; Kelly Macklin 477; Rachel Jordan 183; Hannah Land 542; Alice Brunton 504; Marjorie Brown and Alison Brown 99; Sheila Girling Macadam 553; Carmel Wood 546.


Ella Cumber called the class to order by leading 399b. Leaders: Chris Brown 48b; Daniel Hunter 116; Nick Hall 455; Edwin Macadam 534; Michael Walker 456; Kelsey Ivey 374; Lizzie Dye 523; John del Re 486; Jenneith Codrington and Beth Atkinson 162; Ian West 272; Richard Ivey 556; Sharon Langridge 481; Thom Fahrbach 167; Dana Desmond 179; Eva Striebeck 522; Kama Dembińska 344; Claire Singleton 33b.

Ted Brown spoke for the sick and housebound and led 566 for Raymond Bell -- Durham; Ozella Blackmon -- Alabama USA; Roger Brown -- East Grinstead, Sussex; Brian Caudwell -- Lincoln; Ada Caudwell -- Skellow, Yorkshire; Alan -- Sheffield; Flo Charles -- Port Talbot, Wales; Charlotte; Margaret Cozens -- Worthing, Sussex; Linda Dean -- London; Dorothy -- Oswestry; Shirley Figura -- Missouri USA; Bill Gillanders -- Derby; Bea Gilmore -- Manchester; Carlene Griffin -- Georgia USA; Steve Harrison -- Huddersfield, Yorkshire; Sarah Hauser -- Oregon USA; Kathy House -- North Carolina USA; Josie Hyde -- Alabama USA; Alan Jackson -- Scunthorpe; Anna Jeanson -- Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada; Valerie Jones -- Louth, Lincolnshire; Kevin Kennedy -- Cork, Ireland; John Kent -- Chollerford, Northumberland; Betsy Lucido -- Los Alamos, New Mexico USA; Sarah Morgan -- Wiltshire; Chris Neale -- London; Gary Nightingale -- Devon; Mike Nunn; Matthew Parkinson -- Norwich; Isobel Reed -- London; Shelby Sheppard -- Alabama USA; Jill Steele -- Great Ayton, Yorkshire; Joe Taylor -- Bristol; T Ivey -- St Paul, Minnesota USA; Elisabeth Trencham; Maria Wallace -- Huddersfield, Yorkshire; CT & Kathy Williams -- Alabama USA; Barbara Wood -- Sheffield; Charles Woods -- Georgia USA; The Steinruck family -- Pennsylvania USA; The Stokes family -- Pennsylvania USA; Angela Michelle.

Helen Brown conducted the memorial lesson and led 392 for Al Ackerman -- Baltimore, Maryland USA; Raffaella Baldini -- Thirsk, Yorkshire; Joyce Banks -- Blyth, Northumberland; John Barry -- Ringmer, Sussex; Myrtle Ann Beasley -- Alabama USA; Richard Brocklehurst -- Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire; Don Crocker -- Los Alamos, New Mexico USA; Pope Croke -- Baltimore, Maryland USA; David Daykin -- Nottingham; Eileen Dee -- Rottingdean, Sussex; William Durkin -- Marlborough, Massachusetts USA; Geoff Easton -- York; Arthur Foster -- York; Anita Gaudet -- Truro, Nova Scotia Canada; Ed Hammel -- Los Alamos, New Mexico USA; Thomas Hassett -- Dublin Ireland; David Huntington -- Newcastle upon Tyne; Margaret Hyde -- Cork Ireland; Finbarr Kennedy -- Cork Ireland; Eva Lawrence -- Warwickshire; Hilary Lloyd -- St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex; Dominic Lucido -- Los Alamos, New Mexico USA; Yvonne Lumley -- York; Gordon McMillan -- Devon, Alberta Canada; Hilary Moss -- London; Bud Oliver -- Alabama USA; David Petrie -- Rothesay, Isle of Bute; Lessie Reed -- Alabama USA; Monica Ross -- Brighton, Sussex; John Rushton -- Scarborough, Yorkshire; Jeff Sheppard -- Alabama USA; Yolanda Shoemaker -- Tucson, Arizona USA; Evelyn Steinruck -- Pennsylvania USA; Steve Stoddard -- Los Alamos, New Mexico USA; Cheryl Stroud -- Québec Canada; Chris Toll -- Baltimore, Maryland USA; Andrea Toth -- Newcastle upon Tyne; Gerard Wakeman -- York; Roddy Walton -- Los Alamos, New Mexico USA; Nigel Wheatley -- Worthing, Sussex; Alf Wilcox -- Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Leaders: Colleen Jones 70t; Calum Woods 235; Sally Greaves-Lord 68b. Lin James gave thanks for the midday meal.


Ewan Paterson led 335 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Ruth Steggles 496; Fynn Titford-Mock 220; Claire Hogan 39t; Justyna Orlikowska 433; Amanda Parkes 328; Maxwell Rob and Cath Tyler 64; Judy Whiting 208; Leyland del Re 361; Geoff Grainger 41; Susannah Gill 365; Steve Biggs 45t; Duane Nasis 131b; Rebecca Over 464; Rob Wedgbury 112; Jenneith Codrington 351; Mark Wardlaw 547; Joe Jones 569b; Olgierd Orlikowski 564.


Benny Ross called the final session of the Convention to order by leading 53. Leaders: Helen Brown and Ted Brown 373; Eva Striebeck 317; Cath Tyler with six other singers 531; Richard Schmeidler120; Duane Nasis and Ella Cumber 216; Richard Ivey and Kelsey Ivey 42; the Shenandoah Team 76b; Nick Hall and Rachel Jordan 198; the Cork singers 318; the Norwich singers 362; the Polish singers 267; Hannah Land, Adam, David and Ruth Steggles 454; the London singers 31t.

Announcements were made. The Secretary reported that 80 leaders had led 155 songs. Over the two days, 128 singers from nine countries had registered: England -- 98; Scotland -- 10; United States -- 10 (Virginia -- 3; 1 each from Alabama, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee); Poland -- 3; Ireland -- 3; Czechoslovakia -- 1; Germany -- 1; Netherlands -- 1; Wales -- 1. The Treasurer reported that the costs of the Convention had been covered.

The Chairman asked the Convention to approve the report from the Resolutions Committee, namely that we: resolve to be thankful for the will, desire and ability to come together to sing this glorious music; to thank Lynn, Karen and the staff at Framwellgate School, who supplied us with the space to build our square, and with the means to prepare and share our meals; to thank Alington House for enabling us to delve deeper into the traditions of shape-note; to thank Alison Hobbs and family, and Helen Barber for the opportunity to enjoy our friendships and fellowship at Brancepeth Castle. The Convention approved the report.

Cath also thanked those who had worked with her for the success of the Convention and mentioned: Lin, Karen and all those who had contributed, prepared and served the food; the chaplains; the people who had taken care of health and safety arrangements; the Secretary and the Treasurer. She welcomed Hannah Land into the chair for the 19th United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention in 2014. Finally she thanked all those who had shared the space during the weekend, and looked forward to those yet to come.

The Convention showed its appreciation of Cath Tyler’s hard work and stewardship by applause.

The Chairman led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. Joe Jones offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman -- Cath Tyler; Secretary -- Colin Monson.



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