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Summertyne Americana Festival
Summertyne Americana Festival
St Mary's Church
Saturday, 24 July 2010

As part of the Summertyne Americana Festival at The Sage in Gateshead, Tim Eriksen led an all day Sacred Harp school.

Tim began with a school which took singers through the basics of the shape note system and the various sorts of song which comprise The Sacred Harp. He led 28b, 47t, 39t and 186.


Tim called the class back with 47t and then led 174t, 147t, 146 and 48t.  He gave thanks for the meal.


Tim called the class to order with 274t.  Leaders: Cath Tyler 276, 499; Anna Baldini 299, 86; Judy Whiting 150, 503; Sally Greaves-Lord 29t 33b; John Stonell 47b, 66; Chris Brown 31t, 159; Alice Metherall 315, 209; Benny Ross 128, 350; Helen Barber 122, 547; Phil Tyler 101t, 49b.


Magdalena Eriksen called the class back with 72b.  Leaders: Vince Allen 448t; Tim Eriksen led 178, 102, 117, 162 which had all been requested by new singers, Alice Metherall 504; Tim Eriksen 45t, 273; John Stonell 155.  Tim Eriksen closed the day with 47t.

Some 30 singers went on to sing in the foyer of the concert halls at The Sage.  They sang 39t, 186 and 47t.




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