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South Yorkshire Sacred Harp Singing Day
First Singing Day
Memorial Hall
South Yorkshire
Saturday, 21 February 2004

The first South Yorkshire Sacred Harp singing day was held on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February at the Memorial Hall, Worrall, near Sheffield. The morning commenced with a singing school led by Helen Brown and Ian West, during which 49t and 39t were sung. After a short recess, the singing day was opened by Ian West with 52t. Helen Brown gave the opening prayer and led 171. Leaders: Kit Pfau 48t; Margaret Gillanders 84; Edwin Macadam 209; Steve Fletcher 148; Rachel Jordan 474; Chris Brown 277; Sheila Girling Macadam 178; Hannah Cooper 47b; Phil Tyler 274t;


Dave Richardson called the class to order with 87. Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 143; Cath Tyler 107; David Stowe 350; Megan Jennings 142; Gillian White 47t; Kate Howard 335; Ian West 313 (for Bernard Collard); Kit Pfau 129; Margaret Gillanders 36b; Edwin Macadam 504; Steve Fletcher 38b; Rachel Jordan 501; Chris Brown 128; Helen Brown 198 (for Ruth Cooper); Simon White gave the blessing for lunch.


Dave Richardson called the class back with 101; Leaders: Sheila Girling Macadam 159; Carmel Wood, Vicky Elliot and Alison O’Toole 268; Anna Pfau 300; Phil Tyler 445; Hanna Cooper 86; Rosalind Oldham 361; Cath Tyler 229; David Stowe 479; Megan Jennings 384; Gillian White 147t; Kate Howard 532; Ian West 312b; Kit Pfau 203; Margaret Gillanders 452; Edwin Macadam 497; Steve Fletcher 448t; Rachel Brown 269.


Singing resumed with Dave Richardson leading 30t. Leaders: 30t; Helen Brown 189; Anna Pfau 112; Chris Brown 127; Sheila Girling Macadam 186; Hannah Cooper 454; Rosalind Oldham 66; Phil Tyler 318; Kit Pfau 218. Announcements of future singings were made. Ian West and Helen Brown led 347, Kit Pfau gave the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman – Ian West
Vice Chairman – Helen Brown
Secretary Margaret Gillanders
Arranging Committee – Dave Richardson.


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