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Haworth Methodist Chapel
West Yorkshire



West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day
Ninth Singing Day
West Lane Methodist Church
West Yorkshire BD22 8EL
Saturday, 19 November 2011

The ninth annual West Yorkshire Sacred Harp Day was held at Haworth Methodist Church, in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the third Sunday in November.

Chris Brown began the day by leading 82t. John Hopkinson said an opening prayer. Aldo Ceresa gave a short singing school for the new singers present. Leaders; Aldo Ceresa 56t; Judy Whiting 77b; Sarah West 106; Michael Walker 60; Rebecca Over 131b; Phil Tyler 474; Sarah Hill 213t; Michael McGuigan 108t; Aine Ui Callaigh 198; Hannah Land 30t; Byron and Cath Tyler 61; Benny Ross 34t; Joe Vickers 49b; Helen Brown 313t; Ted Brown 81t.


Sarah West called the class to order with 77t.  Leaders; Aldo Ceresa 214; Judy Whiting 515; Michael Walker 306; Carmel Wood 112; Phil Tyler 428; Rebecca Over 216; Sarah Hill 101b; Chris Brown 102;  Aine Ui Callaigh 39t; Michael McGuigan 28b; Hannah Land 30b; Benny Ross 143; Helen Brown 103; Joe Vickers 52t; Ted Brown 290; Cath Tyler 48t; Chris Brown 31t; Sarah West 432; Michael Walker 422; Judy Whiting 569t; Aldo Ceresa 280; Carmel Wood 472; Phil Tyler 56b; Rebecca Over 567; Michael McGuigan 569b; Sarah Hill 270; Benny Ross 203; Hannah Land 340; Ted Brown 35. Michael Walker gave thanks for the noon meal.


Chris Brown called the class back to order with 277. Leaders: Joe Vickers 45t; Helen Brown 327; Michael Walker 436; Cath Tyler 250; Aldo Ceresa 311; Judy Whiting 71; Aine Ui Callaigh 481; Carmel Wood 383; Michael McGuigan 156; Sarah West 101.  

Aldo Ceresa spoke for the sick and housebound: Peter Schoongaus of Sweden, Norma Waterson, Brian Butcher, Judy Chambless, Tony Parkinson, Maggie Watson, Bob & Jackie Patton, Joe Reynolds, Anna Baldini, Connor McDougall, Kathy Armstrong, Maureen Gamlin, Lonnie Rogers, Alex Cowan and Joan Mattock. He also conducted the memorial lesson and read the names of the deceased: Joyce Over of Camberley, John Champkin of Tenbury Wells, Joan Sillitoe of Raglan, Mike Waterson of Robin Hoods Bay, Marie Ivey of Alabama, Travis Keaton of Alabama, Linda Champ of Winchester, Barbara Crawford, Philip Higgins of Oldham and Frances Ceresa of Michigan. For them all he led 499b and Michael Walker Brown said a prayer.

Leaders: Hannah Land 399t; Rebecca Over 530; Benny Ross 421; Sarah Hill 288; Ted Brown 445; Helen Brown 505.


Carmel Wood called the class to order with 276; Judy Whiting 492; Michael Walker 302; Chris Brown 294; Aldo Ceresa 480; Aine Ui Callaigh 107; Michael McGuigan 448b; Cath Tyler 531b; Sarah West 80t; Phil Tyler 157; Joe Vickers 686; Hannah Land 440; Helen Brown 300;  Aine Ui Callaigh 65; Carmel Wood 53; Ted Brown 339; Aldo Ceresa 521.

Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led the closing song 323t. John Hopkinson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairmen—Chris Brown; Vice ChairmanJudy Whiting;

Secretaries— Rebecca Over and Cath Ingham.


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